Books 50-55 for 2018 – thoughts


Art Theory: A Very Short Introduction – Cynthia A. Freeland

This is a subject I have semi-organically taken a strong interest in – there seems to be this ongoing game of cat and mouse between: people that bring forth a definition of ‘what art is,’ and people that break down that definition. One never quite catches the other. This book gives a concise historical overview of this never-ending fight for a definitive answer.

A little Book on the Human Shadow – Robert Bly

Building on the notions of the ‘self’ established by Jung. The human shadow: parts of the human psyche that are repressed over the course of ones’ character development; passed from mother to child – father to child in a ‘children carrying the sin of the adults around them’ progression of self. Yet also gives credence to ones’ personality being defined by what you are not, just as much as what you are.

What I found very interesting was the books discourse on consuming the shadow by safely embracing – these senses of repression (inner darkness) and in a way growing as a person. Then, in turn, pulling less or having a shorter shadow. This idea goes over, and above negative or ill feelings towards life you have hidden inside – but also speaks to the inner ‘Witch’ in all men or the ‘Inner giant’ in all women. Aspects of our society and our upbringing cause us to develop our shadow-like-bag and pass it on to others. Kind of bleak, but perhaps as I get wiser (a term I will use loosely) I’ve started to see, (best conveyed in Lit) how inter-generational impacts can be passed on – but also if one is able to eat their shadow these impacts are stopped. A little heavy food for thought…

Letters to My Daughter – Maya Angelou

A bad-ass through and through – this novel is a self-reflective memoir of a sort. My favourite scene she plucked from her life was:

Her mother very matter-of-the-fact saying, “Maya you’re going to do great things.” (Maya was at the time in a very poor and kind of complacently living on her own; her mother was never one to sing praise or complement). And so, in response, Maya decides to stop drinking and smoking as much – because her mother said she would do great things one day. It almost seems that those simple words from mother to daughter created a self-fulfilling prophecy, Maya couldn’t fail because her mother told her she wouldn’t.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – J.K. Rowling 

Thoughts pending

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – J.K. Rowling 

Thoughts pending



5. Books. Left.


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