Books 45-50 for 2018 – thoughts


Silence of the Lambs – Thomas Harris 

This was a very clean novel, no untied threads or structural inconsistencies. I was really taken back by Harris’s deep understanding of not only forensic science – but also butterflies and dress making. This attention to seemingly insignificant details, aided to create a rich well researched story. The novel is a rip-roaring thriller, that also has a few humbling insights into the human condition – a feat in of itself.

Personal Poems – Ian Williams 

First book of poetry I have ever read; won’t be the last. Abstract yet accessible.

A Short History of Tractors in the Ukraine – Marina Lewycka 

This novel really demonstrates how the weight of inter-generational struggles impacts a family of immigrants. The relationship between the two sisters is at first even a touch cliché but then develops into an unexpectedly rich dynamic – which I won’t spoil, ‘xpect to say it’s a real insight into a family that straddled WW2.

Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire – J. K. Rolling 

Hmmmmm – I mean its good middle fare for the series. I think I’m going to speak to these books altogether once I’m done the remaining 3.

Invisible Monsters – Chuck Palahniuk 

Unfortunately, when reading Chuck, I was anticipating a Fight Club like book and there is no doubt this work is of the same ilk, which was kind of disappointing, because it didn’t feel new. I respect that he wanted to speak to the aspects of ‘individual physical representation…’But it seemed a little flat. My biggest issue was that I couldn’t suspend my disbelief in how many of the characters were mirror representations of one another -in their actions it became – ‘sigh’ inducing….


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